Many Rivers: Songwriters in the Round

Many Rivers” is a group of songwriters that all met at Eileen Tipping’s Tuesday night songwriters circle at the Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville Pa.  For five years, (in the early 2000s)  we all cut our teeth writing songs and performing them in an informal setting. Often, the house was packed with non-musicians who just came out to get something to eat and hear what we might come up with.  There were many folks who showed up to play over the years but these seven were the core group…..and the most prolific writers. We are still all filled with wonder and awe at each others sensibilities and diverse talents. And have long since become very good friends.

Many Rivers:

Chris Adams
Eileen Tipping
Paul Pluta
Carolyn Cott
Jake Michaels
BJ Sarkissian
Sandy Pluta