Quarantine Gallery Submission (1 piece)



We are requesting a $5 for each artwork submitted to help support Clay on Main and promote the exhibition, which can be paid via check or Paypal (you will be redirected to PayPal, you don’t need to have an account). If you are submitting multiple works, please change the quantity amount to reflect the number of pieces you will submit (1 piece= $5, 2 pieces= $10, etc.).

Artists must email ONE high-quality image of each piece work to clayonmain@gmail.com
All work must be for sale or an example of work that could be commissioned.

Artists should include the price of the piece, its dimensions, how to contact or purchase the work Artists can also include information about commissions or custom works and how to buy prints or reproductions, and a link to an online portfolio or social media page.

We are asking for a maximum of 5 works per artist.

Artwork will be shared via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages from April 5th-11th and remain up after the exhbition. Clay on Main will not be handling sales, any interested buyers will contact artists directly and all profit will go to the artist.

Have a question about the show or work for consideration? Email clayonmain@gmail.com