Kids’ Summer Camp: Art Around the World!

Join us while we travel the globe without ever leaving the studio! While expressing themselves creatively and getting to know one another, campers will learn a bit of geography, history, chemistry, and geology.  Physical activity is sure to be part of each day, whether we go for a walk on a sunny day, or play active indoor games.  Camp runs 10am- 3pm each day.

$300 per child ($275 for each sibling).  Clay on Main will provide snacks, but please pack a lunch.

To register a child, CLICK HERE, or call 610-987-0273.  Please call to register multiple children for a sibling discount.

Tie-Dyeing Workshop


Instructors: Dolores Kirschner and JoAnn Morrell

Tie-dyeing is a simple craft that’s fun to do with friends. We’ll provide t-shirts, or bring your own shirt or other piece of fabric (cotton only, please!) Dolores and JoAnn will use their knowledge of color theory and textiles to help you create a vibrant, harmonious combination of color and pattern.

$50 for each adult, $18 for school-aged children

Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. All materials included. Our workshops are family-friendly; children 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

To register online for this workshop, click HERE.

Le Petit Prince Artisan Pop-Up Market

Join us at Clay on Main as we celebrate summer with a pop-up market full of handmade items and so much more! Clay on Main will be filled with unique goods from local artisans and makers, and if you haven’t had enough amazing stuff, walk over to the nearby church lot to find yet more incredible vendors!  Plus music, refreshments, and free food tastings.  Don’t miss it!

Vendors wanted!  Are you a maker with something cool to sell?  Contacts us!


Make Your Own Clay Bread Baker Workshop

Instructors: Liz Wheeler and Amanda Condict

Bread baked in a ceramic vessel has a flavor and texture like no other. Replicating the benefits of baking in a brick oven, your bread will have a tender, moist interior and crispy, evenly golden crusts. The unglazed clay absorbs heat to ensure even baking on all sides, while the porous surface absorbs moisture. In this workshop, we’ll create lidded baking vessels that can be used in the oven, and are completely food-safe. You can decide whether you want a rectangular loaf or a round cloche.

$60 for each adult, $28 for school-aged children.

Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. All materials included. Our workshops are family-friendly; children 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

To register online, click HERE!

Kitbashing Workshop with Artist John Salvino

Come learn how to Kitbash with local artist John Salvino!  John is offering this workshop in conjunction with his current exhibition in the Clay on Main galleries.
Kitbashing is the art of mixing model kit pieces to make an original design. Come learn the basics and make your own model as you go! Workshop includes kit materials.  Geared towards ages 12+, exacto knives and some hot glue are involved.  Materials fee of $20 for kits should be paid to artist.
John Salvino is an artist and author residing in Lancaster, PA. John works in a range of different illustration styles, including sumi-e, sequential art, digital painting, and concept design. His ‘Islands’ Sumi ink series and his graphic novel ‘She Walks with the Giant’ have been in galleries and shops in Lancaster City since 2015.
Questions about this workshop? Want to attend?  Call us at 610-987-0273 to register!  or email  Please register at least one week in advance.

Make a Home for Mason Bees Workshop

Instructor: Lisa Gauker

Of the 4,000 bee species in North America, Mason Bees are among the easiest to raise, while also being gentle and amazing pollinators. By raising solitary Mason Bees, we can increase their population. It’s a great way to supplement the stressed Honey Bee and sustain our future food supply. Come spend a Saturday morning with Lisa, who is an avid naturalist and beekeeper, to learn all about Mason Bees, while making a shelter for them to take home.

$50 for each adult, $18 for school-aged children.

Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. All materials included. Our workshops are family-friendly; children 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

To register for this workshop, click HERE!

Encaustic Painting Workshop

Instructor: Lisa Gauker

Surround yourself with the heavenly smell of beeswax, while crafting a richly layered, gorgeous painting.  Encaustic is an ancient technique used by contemporary artists, where molten beeswax and resin over paint create luminous effects. This technique creates depth because of its multiple layers.  Come with an idea or just let the medium guide your creative process.  No painting experience necessary.

$50 for each adult, $18 for school-aged children.

To register online, click HERE, or register by calling the studio at 610-987-0273.  Please register at least one week prior to workshop, or call the studio to check for availability if within one week.

Children’s Fraktur Art Workshop w/ Rachel Yoder

Bring die Kinner (the children) out to learn about fraktur art and the popular PA Dutch folk art motifs (hearts, tulips and distlefinks). The Children will create their own crayon resist water color paintings focusing on symmetry, color palette and what the motifs symbolize to them.
This workshop is free, but donations for supplies are appreciated.  To register, email and let us know how many will be participating so we can get a head count!
This workshop runs in conjunction with Rachel Yoder’s exhibition of work in the same style.

Rachel Yoder, a PA Dutch folk artist with deep familial roots in the Oley Valley, will exhibit her work at Clay on Main’s gallery from January 27 to February 17.  The opening, on Sunday, January 27 from 4-6pm, is free and open to the public.  Viewers can expect to see brightly colored painting of abstracted figures and patterns derived from plants and animals in a bold graphic style, often painted on wood.  Her work is focused on contemporary interpretations of fraktur style painting and portraits of der Belsnickel.  She has exhibited at Tyler School of Art, Kutztown University and The Hex Factory gallery.  Yoder explains, “Clay on Main is where I have always envisioned my work being able to shine; especially since my family is out of Oley, and it’s a very special and sacred place to me.”

Yoder earned a BS in Art Education from Tyler School of Art in 2011, then spent three years teaching art in Philadelphia before deciding to return to the Oley Valley where she has deep Pennsylvania Dutch roots in the Fisher and Deturk families.  Besides being close to family, the area is also a rich source of inspiration for her artwork because of the palpable Pennsylvania Dutch culture and heritage of this area.  This past spring, she also received her MFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University.

In addition to paintings and decorative objects, Yoder is also an author and illustrator; she has illustrated two bilingual children’s books.  She both wrote and illustrated Penny Olive; Davey Applebutter was written by Douglas J. Madenford.  Both books were written to engage young people and help preserve Pennsylvania Dutch culture. Yoder lives and works in Boyertown, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.

Felting Basics Workshop- Cancelled

Instructor: Sandra Britland

Enjoy a cozy morning working with felt, a wonderfully accessible, friendly, pliable material. In addition to functional items such as hats and purses, felt can even be shaped into whimsical sculptures. Come to Clay on Main to gain some new skills and spend time working with your hands under the expert guidance of Sandra Britland.

$50 for each adult, $18 for school-aged children.

Clay on Main offers workshops about twice a month, exploring diverse topics. Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. A full refund will be given for any cancelled workshops.

To register for this workshop, click here!  Or register by phone by calling 610-987-0273.