Islands/ Weird Lancaster: Works by John Salvino & Emily Savill

Join us in the galleries for a Dual show exploring the works of young emerging artists John Salvino and Emily Savill. John and Emily live and work in Lancaster, PA. Each artist flushes out a complete body of work which upon first viewing seems to be very separate ideas, but in further review, holds some similarities in their approach.

Show runs from March 3rd- March 31st, 2019.

Opening Exhibition: March 3rd, 4-6pm.

Read more about each body of work from the artists:

Islands: John Salvino

John Salvino’s “Islands” takes inspiration from the japanese sumi-e style, depicting islands suspended in space, some empty, some teeming with life. Beginning as art therapy, the series has evolved into a storytelling mode using silhouette and symbolism to illustrate a fantasy world. 

John Salvino is an artist and author residing in Lancaster, PA. John works in a range of different illustration styles, including sumi-e, sequential art, digital painting, and concept design. His ‘Islands’ Sumi ink series and his graphic novel ‘She Walks with the Giant’ have been in galleries and shops in Lancaster City since 2015. 

Weird Lancaster: Emily Savill

Weird in Lancaster is a photography project that showcases and celebrates the wonderfully unique people and places of Lancaster, PA. I desire to bring absolute positivity to the word “weird” and help build a community of those who are bold enough to stand out.

Emily Savill is an alternative photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She consistently experiments with different styles and subjects, with a passion for film photography. She uses various cameras, from fully manual SLRs and TLRs to plastic point and shoots and homemade pinhole cameras.