Kristen T. Woodward

Join us in the Clay on Main galleries for an exquisite new show of works by Kristen T. Woodward, entitled ‘Canaries In The Coal Mine’.  Kristen has been a professor of art at Albright College since 1998 and encaustic artist exhibiting throughout the country.

Kristen’s exhibition at Clay on Main encompasses multi-dimensional concepts, interwoven between two new bodies of work.  These two series, while displayed each in their own right, play into similar concepts that Woodward has been exploring for years.  Her ease of use with the encaustic medium lends itself to the rich surfaces she creates and the narrative that changes with each viewing of the work.  These paintings engage, then transform before your eyes.  Don’t miss this stellar new work from Kristen!

Show runs from September 16th, through October 21st.

Exhibition Opening: September 16th, 4-6pm.  

Learn more about Kristen and her work: