Make Your Own Clay Bread Baker Workshop- Child



Instructors: Liz Wheeler and Amanda Condict

Bread baked in a ceramic vessel has a flavor and texture like no other. Replicating the benefits of baking in a brick oven, your bread will have a tender, moist interior and crispy, evenly golden crusts. The unglazed clay absorbs heat to ensure even baking on all sides, while the porous surface absorbs moisture. In this workshop, we’ll create lidded baking vessels that can be used in the oven, and are completely food-safe. You can decide whether you want a rectangular loaf or a round cloche.

$60 for each adult, $28 for school-aged children.

Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. All materials included. Our workshops are family-friendly; children 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.