The Beauty of Plants in Detail Workshop- Child



Instructor: Susan Munch

We will focus in on the finest patterns in plant structure, using detailed drawings and/or close-up photography.  Participants will use magnifying glasses and microscopes to dive into layers of miniature detail, and Susan will help you depict them with pencil and paper, or using a camera.  When you sign up for the workshop please indicate whether you are more interested in drawing or in photography.   If primarily the latter, you will need to bring your own camera capable of taking close-up pictures.  If you are combining the two methods you will be able to take a turn with the instructor’s camera.

$50 for each adult, $18 for school-aged children.

Clay on Main offers workshops about twice a month, exploring diverse topics. . Register at least one week prior to workshop to ensure enrollment. A full refund will be given for any cancelled workshops.