Half Moon Cafe

The Front Room and Half Moon Café at Clay on Main, Fall 2023

The Half Moon Cafe is located in the Clay on Main’s building at 313 Main Street, Oley PA.

It’s an intimate listening room that’s a perfect place to unwind, meet friends, reconnect and relax. Doors open at 7:00 pm to give audiences access to an opening act from 7:15-7:45 in the Front Room while Half Moon artists do their sound check for the 8:00-10:00 concert. Front Room musicians receive compensation through a tip jar (please give generously) A $15.00 donation at the door to the Half Moon compensates the Half Moon artists and helps to fund Clay on Main. Between the Front Room and Half Moon concerts, and during an intermission in the Half Moon concert, audience members can enjoy complimentary refreshments while browsing the gallery space in Clay on Main and the gift shop which features local artists.

(As a courtesy to its residential neighbors, Clay on Main asks that audience members park in the church lot a few doors down from the venue instead of on Main Street).


Mike, Paula & Rich – 8:00 to 10:00 in the Half Moon Cafe – www.meadowoodmusic.com

Mike Andrews (guitar, mandolin, banjo & vocals) and Paula Taylor (guitar, bass, fiddle & vocals) have played music together for almost 30 years. For the last 10, they’ve asked their friend Rich Dodson (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo & vocals ) to join them in concerts at the Half Moon. Rich will join them again this time. Together, the three play Scottish and Irish Ballads, early American tunes, covers of James Taylor, Janis Ian, the Grateful Dead… even a rare original. Come spend your evening with this trio, and have a great night.

Runaway Train – 7:15 to 7:45 in the Front Room

Last year, Jeff Noecker (fiddle) delighted the audience when he sat in for a few tunes with Mike, Paula & Rich. This year he returns with his friend Ian Barlup (guitar). These two are a breath of fresh air, their musical talents enhanced by easy camaraderie and mirth. They will perform a mix of traditional instrumental music that will make you tap your toes and smile.


String Quartet – 8:00 to 10:00 in the Half Moon Cafe

This trio is made up of musicians from the Sunday Sinfonia string orchestra: Judy Terwilliger (violin), Dana Allaband (violin), Paul Eppley (viola), and John Pankratz (cello) will delight us with chamber music by Mozart, Hayden, Beethoven, and more!

Dana Allaband is a violinist in the Sunday Sinfonia as well as its Assistant Conductor. She is also a well-loved Professor of Music at Albright College. John Pankratz, is the Principal Cellist of the Sunday Sinfoniam and a History professor at Albright. Judy Terwilliger is the principal violinist and Concertmaster for Sunday Sinfonia, the Coordinator of Vermont Music and Arts Center’s Chamber Music Program https://stringsmagazine.com/how-to-make-the-most-of-your-adult-chamber-music-camp-experience/, and is the person who put together this lovely quartet. 

Old Music – 7:15 to 7:45 in the Front Room

Paul Falatko (viola/mandola) and Paula Taylor (violin) play old music from Western Europe — really old music — from about 1300 to 1750, an era that includes the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance — a time of both terrible upheaval such as great floods throughout Europe, the Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc, Black Death, the War of the Roses, as well as great artistic works. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Vermeer, da Vinci, and Michelangelo wrote, painted, and sculpted great works, and composers such as Clemens non Papa (1510-1556), Phalese (1510 – 1574), Lully (1632 -1687), Purcell (1659 – 1695), Rameau (1683 – 1764), Bach (1685 – 1750), Handel (1685 – 1759), von Gluck (1714 – 1787), and Leopold Mozart (1719 – 1787) wrote masterworks still performed regularly today. Join “Old Music” for a little trip WAY back in time.


Mike and Linda Hertzog

Mike and Linda Hertzog  – 8:00 to 10:00 in the Half Moon Cafe

Husband/wife duo who performs Country, Gospel, & Bluegrass. They combine guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, & upright bass with vocal harmonies to cocoon us in a marvelous fold of traditional Americana music. Learn more about Mike & Linda!

The Subterraneans – 7:15 to 7:45 in the Front Room

Barron Batchelder (guitar and vocals), Joan Ferrero (vocals and guitar), and Walt Fullam (bass) are 3/5 of the Subterraneans, a five-piece band of friends who gather weekly to play traditional tunes. They recently had a very successful public debut which led to their agreement to perform at Clay on Main. Humor, warmth, guitar, bass, and vocals… a lovely beginning to a lovely evening.


Rich,  Ken (and maybe John?)- 8:00 to 10:00 in the Half Moon Cafe

Rich Dodson and Ken Gehret are two of the most diverse and accomplished musicians in the area. This duo has played at Clay on Main twice before (Rich has also played here numerous times with Mike and Paula and Ken has played here with Dave Kline and as a solo act). For those of you who have seen this masterful multi-instrumental duo perform, they need no introduction. For those unfortunates who have not seen nor heard them before… get ready. The Country, Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter, Celtic, Bluegrass, and cover tunes will be nothing short of awesome, especially if John Dodson, Rich’s very talented son, is able to join them. Duo or trio… it will be great!

Margaret Young – 7:15 to 7:45 in the Front Room

Margaret has played violin since she was was 3. Like many, she began with Classical instruction. In time, Scottish fiddling captured her attention. She has become a tremendous fiddler who has placed or taken first prize at multiple local, regional, and national fiddle contests. She teaches fiddle at Meadowood Music, where she also is a skilled stringed-instrument repair technician. Her music is the perfect beginning to a wonderful evening.


Rhythm Road – 8:00 to 10:00 in the Half Moon Cafe – https://www.rhythmroad.net

Rhythm Road is a band that consists of JoAnn Morrell (songwriter, vocals, guitar, and bass),
Ernie Morrell (keyboard, harmonica), Mike Fleming (saxophone), Henry Patterson (drums, percussion), Don Consul (vocals, guitar, and bass). They’ve been a band for over 20 years, a group of talented friends who came together at a jam in Barto, and had no expectation then of being where they are now, doing what they’re doing. Each member contributes something unique to the mix of covers and original songs. Come savor the blend!


Echo North – 7:15 to 7:45 in the Front Room

Echo North is a Berks County band that performs covers and originals. At Clay on Main, they’ve scaled down to a trio: John Reinkemeyer (vocals, guitar), Deanna Witzel (vocals, keys), and Mark Ferrero (vocals, guitar). Performing together for about a decade. They’ve played the Acoustic Roadshow, Shayler Brewing, 2nd Fridays on Penn Avenue, Fire & Ice Fest, and now – Clay on Main. Their music will be the first part of your very lovely evening!

Reminiscent of a 60’s style coffee house, the venue is a community endeavor to create a local music scene for the enjoyment of both musicians and those who like music.

  • Doors open at 7:30 pm. Admission is $15 donation.
  • Please park in the church parking lot. **

Past Shows

Spring 2020 Half Moon and Dining Room:

April 24th- Mike & Linda Hertzog

Husband/wife duo who performs Country, Gospel, & Bluegrass. They combine guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, & upright bass with vocal harmonies to cocoon us in a marvelous fold of traditional Americana music. Learn more about Mike & Linda!

  • Dining Room (Pre-show): Tom & Betty Druckenmiller – Tom & Betty, a husband and wife duo, play mostly (but not strictly) old-time music — music that people played together before the time of recorded music & radio. They combine vocals, fiddle, guitar, & banjo to transport us to a time when life had a slower pace. Come enjoy the lovely music they once again bring to Clay on Main.  Learn more about Tom & Betty!

May 1st- Russ Rentler 

Singer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist, Russ returns to Clay on Main. He has been playing music since he got his first ukulele in 5th grade with S+H Green stamps. While students at Moravian College, Russ and John Gorka performed together in a band. Russ continued to perform during medical school, while a physician, and now that he’s retired from medicine. He recorded on Gorka’s CD, Gypsy Life, and recorded six of his own. NPR’s CarTalk aired his song “New Car Smell.” He performs a wonderful mix of folk, Celtic and blues-inspired tunes, interspersed with off-beat humor and wry observations about life. This concert will be a delight.  Learn more about Russ!

  • Dining Room (Pre-show): Gene Cullison-  Gene Cullison is a guitarist & singer who’s performed virtually every style of music a person can play on guitar. He is now the lead guitarist for the TimeWhy?s, and performs solo (as he will again perform at Clay on Main) with vocals and guitar. Gene will once again delight us with the tasty stuff he brings.  Learn more about Gene!

May 15th – Ken Gehret

Ken Gehret has played at Clay on Main twice before, once with Rich Dodson, once with Dave Kline. This time, he returns as full-strength, undiluted Kenny. For those of you who have seen this masterful multi-instrumentalist and songwriter perform, he needs no introduction. For those unfortunates who have not seen and heard Kenny strut his stuff… get ready.  Clay on Main hosts a lot of Country, Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter, and cover artists (and Ken can and does play all of that stuff), but not so much Jazz or Classical (both which Ken plays masterfully). This evening, Ken will delight those who already love Jazz with things that are just not possible on guitar. Even those who are not so sure they like Jazz will come away from this evening pretty sure they do. Learn more about Ken!

  • Dining Room (Pre-show): Berks Works – Berks Works is a newly formed jazz trio made up of three talented high school musicians. Cormick Costello (bass), Jeffrey Dalton (drums), and Isaiah Nygard (piano) have been playing in various jazz combos in Berks County and the Lehigh Valley before forming Berks Works.  Members of the trio have been part of District 10 Jazz Band, the University of the Arts High School All Star Big Band, and the Pennsylvania All-State Jazz Band. They’ve shared the stage with jazz greats Randy Brecker, Eric Marianthal, and Albert Riveira, to name a few.  This group, serving up some tasty tune-age, is the perfect appetizer — you will certainly want more.


A.K.A. returns to the Half Moon Cafe for another wonderful evening. A.K.A. interprets a variety of musical from traditional folk, country standards, alternative country, as well as songs from new singer-songwriters. Band Members (from left to right) Dominique Tomme, Sandy Pluto, Mike Petrauskas, Cindy Roos, and Allan Landis pair moving vocals with a vast variety of musical sounds. Low keyed and relaxed, A.K.A.’s sound is timeless Americana. Join us for an evening of fun and great music!.

    • Dining Room (Pre-show): Brenna Grealish Brenna performed at a Clay on Main crafters event in 2019, and caught the attention of Mike Petrauskas (founder of the Half Moon Cafe, and lead singer for A.K.A. When we booked A.K.A. for the first concert of this season, it made perfect sense to pair Brenna with them. We look forward to hearing her fresh new stuff in the Front Room right before A.K.A. in the Half Moon. Want to sample her stuff? 

October 16th (RESCHEDULED)- Maggie Spike

Maggie Spike is a husband and wife singer-songwriter duo who perform a “mixed bag” of folk originals. Maggie & Eric Gernerd’s song writing styles combine folk/rock, jazz, acoustic pop, Celtic, psychedelic, reggae, Americana, and world rhythms. Their music combines melody, rhythm, harmony with insightful lyrics to create a sound that is easily accessible and highly entertaining. Returning to Clay on Main almost every season. Maggie Spike will give you great evening out! ! Learn more about Maggie Spike!

  • Dining Room (Pre-show):

    The Root Blossoms – Eric and Naomi Zimmerman are the Root Blossoms — a husband and wife duo that is passionate about music and sharing it. They play traditional Celtic music on cello, fiddle, and guitar. Maggie Spike reminded us of Root Blossoms by mentioning that they recorded on tracks on Maggie Spike’s most recent CD. In this first Clay on Main appearance, Root Blossoms are welcome fresh faces who you won’t want to miss. Learn more about the Root Blossoms

**Please be considerate of Clay on Main’s residential neighbors (who park in front of their homes on Main Street) — park in the parking lot for Friedens UCC at 337 Main Street, a few doors from Clay on Main. Enter Clay on Main through the front door into what used to be the living room of the building – now an art gallery. Turn left into what used to be the dining room of the home to enjoy the Dining Room act. Head to the back of the building through the kitchen (still a kitchen), and pick up snacks — chips, dip, pastries, cheese, fruit, coffee, tea, and ice water are provided (BYOB). Continue to the back of the building to the “Half Moon Cafe” for the final concert of the night.

Please bring a few dollars to put in the tip jar for the Dining Room Act and $10 as a donation for the Half Moon Cafe concert. Please bring friends and family. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

All Half Moon Concerts – Vinny Rose – Emcee and Sound Technician

Vinny introduces Half Moon Concert performers, sets up and runs the PA system, and announces upcoming Clay on Main events. When you visit the Half Moon, please take time to thank Vinny for everything he does.

Don’t forget to check out our Open Mic Nights!

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