Youth Programming @ Clay on Main!:

Classes Offered:

Teen Clay Card
Teen Clay Club is a year-round flexible program for teens from 13-17. Teens interested in ceramics, art or sculpture can take as many classes a month as they’d like.

Learn more by reach out by phone at (610)987-0273 or email at

$100 per month

Join us every Monday from 10am-11:30am!

  • $25 per session, or $80 when you purchase all 4 Mondays. (During months with 5 Mondays, students will be able to purchase an additional week of supervised open studio time to revisit other projects and make use of Clay on Main’s workspace.)
  • Some scholarships are available to families in need.
  • Maximum class size, 10 students to ensure a personalized small classroom experience.

To register your child for our homeschool series, please click HERE to register online (single session, per child).

To register online for a FULL MONTH of the series, click HERE (4 sessions, per child).

Each week students will study a new topic, receive handouts on the subject and complete a hands on activity. Students will explore a variety of creative topics including art, science, chemistry, anthropology, art history, creative writing and environmentalism. Students will also learn to express their ideas creatively and grow as scholars and artists. Ideal ages for this program are 6-17. Because of our easy to understand lessons and flexible instructors our Home School Education series will fit the needs of our youngest and oldest students while meeting STEAM program models. Parents are not required to stay in the classroom with their students, however they are welcome to stay.

Clay on Main is a fully equipped ceramics and glass studio, with sophisticated and talented instructors and studio spaces for all types of creative and scientific experiment and growth. We also house a professional gallery space which features both local and visiting artists of all mediums and styles, which students will have a chance to explore and experience. In addition to our studio space we also have a cozy kitchen which students and parents are welcome to use to make some tea, keep their water bottles cold or take a break.

Themes to be explored each month on a rotating basis:

1st Monday of the Month: Conservation and Sustainable Design:

Topics may include (but are not limited to): recycled material sculptures, endangered animal PSA poster, Science Zine, illustrative environmental issues.

2nd Monday of the Month: Fine arts & Art History:

Topics include (but are not limited to): Chinese Literati Ink painting and poetry, Albrecht durer & the german renaissance, faux lino meat tray prints, Super Flat/Anime self portrait & Study of japanese pop art (Takashi Murakami), Fused Glass tiles and art deco.

3rd Monday of the Month: Science & Experimentation:

Topics include (but are not limited to): Egyptian Paste, crackle glazed tiles, chemistry of glazes, clay Dishes and sawdust firing, colored clay tiles, vinegar and baking soda rainbow volcanoes, toothpick bridges & the study of architecture, making clay bricks & the study of architecture, salt dough, slime, growing crystals.

4th Monday of the Month: Fine Crafts & Anthropology:

Topics include (but are not limited to): Easter Island heads/Moai vase sculptures & study of Oceanic people, geometric inspired mosaic tray & study of Islamic art & culture, Hand-dyed scarves, indigo dye works and Japanese culture, Paper mâché masks and the Dog culture, ceramic face vessels and the Mangbetu people, slip painted dishes and the Pueblo people.